Bottled Water – We tackle the FAQ: Contaminants and Fluoride

Following our post on Tuesday about some of the misconceptions surrounding bottled water, we noticed the same question kept popping up in the comments. Here at Clean Up, we’re all about practical solutions to everyday environmental issues so wanted to take the time to address your questions and concerns! Below is a quick breakdown of one of our most frequently asked questions: Contaminants and Fluoride.

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The Great Northern Clean Up

Live up North? The Great Northern Clean Up was started as a way of creating a Clean Up event that would allow people in warmer states to avoid the heat of summer and still get involved in their community. It runs every year between approximately August-September but you can schedule a Clean Up whenever suits […]

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Message in a discarded bottle

Written by Ian Kiernan for Open Forum, 04/07/12 As politicians debate the formation of a national container deposit scheme, container manufacturers are as determined to stop it as environmental groups are to support it. Ian Kiernan says it is time we had in place new behaviours that benefit the environment. State and Federal ministers are […]

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Progressing the debate

I am deeply disturbed by the low standard of intelligent political debate about pricing pollution. To see politicians arguing over petty definitions of inclusions and exclusions while using scare mongering to halt rational discussion is just plain embarrassing – for them and for us as a nation. Why are we still arguing about whether we […]

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World Oceans Day

June 8 marks World Oceans Day – a day that’s of special significance to me as both a sailor and an environmentalist. When I sailed solo around the world in 1986/87, I looked forward to visiting the fabled Sargasso Sea at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Instead of a ‘golden rain forest of the […]

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Rushing is a risk at Barangaroo

Imagine this scenario. You’re planning to go out sailing with a group of friends, but the day before you leave you hear a warning that there might be a severe storm warning, the worst in 20 years. Would you risk it? Obviously, you wouldn’t. This is because even though you’re not certain something might go […]

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