The Price of Living in Paradise

Australia has some of the most spectacular natural scenery on the planet. Across the top end we have the awe inspiring gorges of the Kimberley, world heritage sites like the Great Barrier Reef,  and vibrant cosmopolitan gateway cities like Darwin. Inevitably special places get special attention in the form of tourism – and in an […]

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The volunteering tradition

We have a long history of volunteering in Australia. It began with the First Fleet, where I imagine there was not much of a spirit of volunteering among the convicts, and probably even less among the military as they landed on our shores, but from resentment and hardship grew action. From action grew independence and […]

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All roads lead to Copenhagen

Arguably one of the most important meetings of nations about the health of the planet that we’ll witness in our lifetime is now taking place in Copenhagen. Leaders from the developing and developed world, including Australia, have descended on the Danish capital to thrash out a global strategy to deal with climate change. It is […]

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What a waste

It’s amazing how quickly we upgrade our gadgets these days. It wasn’t so long ago that no one had even heard of an iPhone – now every man and his dog seems to have one in his back pocket. So what’s happening to everyone’s old phones? And where do our microwaves and other electronic appliances […]

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Bring back the refunds!

I, like many Australians, fondly remember the days when a soft drink can or bottle could be returned for a bit of pocket money. A bottle found on the ground wasn’t simply kicked around, it was picked up, removed from the environment and recycled, and the lucky finder was rewarded for their efforts. It’s about […]

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