The Great Northern Clean Up


Live up North? The Great Northern Clean Up was started as a way of creating a Clean Up event that would allow people in warmer states to avoid the heat of summer and still get involved in their community. It runs every year between approximately August-September but you can schedule a Clean Up whenever suits you! Registrations are now open for 2016 at the Clean Up Australia Day Website.

Since the campaign started in 2009 a total of 26,398 volunteers have removed around 1,583.7 tonnes of rubbish from 717 sites north of the Tropic of Capricorn. In 2015, 2,530 volunteers removed an estimated 196 tonnes of rubbish from 81 registered sites across northern Western Australia, the Northern Territory and far northern Queensland. Now it’s your turn!

The Great Northern Clean Up (GNCU) is a valuable way to get involved in the community and make a real difference for the Australian environment. Year after year, we hear fantastic success stories about great Australian’s who have been able to make a difference in their local area thanks to their clean up efforts. Common sites include local parks, beaches, riverways, playgrounds, outdoor shopping malls and just about anywhere where you can find litter in your community! Best of all, it’s free to get involved and fun for all ages!

We also run the Great Northern Clean Up for schools and businesses which makes for a great team building activity and is lots of fun for kids. It’s a fantastic way to teach future generations about the importance of sustainable living and taking care of our environment.

Do you have a Clean Up Australia success story? Let us know in the comments and always feel free to get in touch by email at! To keep up with all the exciting events at Clean Up Australia, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too! We’ve even launched a Pinterest where you can grab our best tips and tricks for eco friendly living and find out how to make a difference everyday!


The Clean Up Australia Team


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