Bring back the refunds!

canI, like many Australians, fondly remember the days when a soft drink can or bottle could be returned for a bit of pocket money. A bottle found on the ground wasn’t simply kicked around, it was picked up, removed from the environment and recycled, and the lucky finder was rewarded for their efforts.

It’s about time we brought back those beverage container refunds.

With our addiction to bottled water continuing to grow, it has never been more important that the scheme be reintroduced. On Clean Up Australia Day each year, volunteers find themselves removing tonnes of beverage containers – beverage containers that could, and should, be recycled.  About 40 per cent of all rubbish collected during this year’s Clean Up Australia Day was beverage related.

Australians are pretty good at recycling at home, but where we fall down is when we’re out and about. It’s when we head to the beach, the park, or our beautiful bush – away from our household recycling bins. What we need to encourage is an incentive to recycle wherever we are, and while protecting our environment for our future generations should be incentive enough, it’s clear we need more.

crushedcansSouth Australia has taken the lead and increased its refund from 5 to 10 cents, with great success.  SA enjoys a recycling rate of cans and bottles of between 75-85 per cent while the rate in other states is less than half this. The benefits are there for all to see – waste becoming a resource, reducing the use of virgin materials, lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduced water usage, less contamination in recyclables, the creation of jobs; the list of indisputable benefits goes on. Combine that with the fact that a poll commissioned by Clean Up Australia found that 87 per cent of Australians want a national container refund scheme and it defies belief that our leaders aren’t jumping at the opportunity to take a CD scheme national.

The issue has been on the agenda of the Environmental Protection and Heritage Council – a council made up of State and Federal Environment Ministers – numerous times, and it was there again at their meeting in Perth on 5 November.

But the process stalled  …… again.

Why are we overcomplicating this issue?
Why is the beverage industry so threatened by the introduction of a solution like container refunds?
Why are our political leaders ignoring the communities they’ve been elected to represent?
Why do we continue to accept the waste of finite resources?

At Clean Up, we’re doing our best to force the wheels of change. Why? Because I know there are direct environmental benefits from a refund scheme on containers; because I also know that such a scheme provides income for those who are prepared to make the effort to collect and return their containers; and because I know our kids will also have another source of pocket money.

How do I know this? Because with the money I raised from bottle refunds when I was a kid I bought my very first boat.

Does anyone else out there remember how good those refunds were?

Ian Kiernan AO

Clean Up Australia Chairman


3 thoughts on “Bring back the refunds!

  1. Yes, how true.
    1972 – I remember Saturday’s meant going to the local swimming pool. About 6 of us would leave home with no money. But, by the time we walked to the pool, (4 miles ) we had enough empty bottles to pay our pool entry and buy lollies and drinks. 5cents for every bottle we found and it only cost 10 cents to get into the pool.
    We would even cash in bottles from the drinks we bought to buy more lollies.
    Good Memories…….

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